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The Difference Between Presell and Sales Copy

Preselling is one of those "old time" marketing copy devices that has been getting the job done since way before the web came along. When preselling works its special magic, minds open up and more often than not conversion rates increase.

Many affiliate networks, such as Clickbank, have no problems with offering bonuses when you promote the products from their vendors, and that can be an effective approach.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you cannot control the offer, but you can sweeten the pot as much as possible. There are millions of products you can market, but you decide to go with an info product created by someone who is somewhat well-known. What you choose to do for a bonus is totally up to you, and we encourage you to be creative. One neat little trick is to make the bonus worth more than the ebook, if possible. One thing about incentives, or bonuses which is what they really are, is there absolutely must be a "wow" factor because that one thing will often tip the scales in your favor.

One common issue with affiliate marketers is they do not have personal knowledge about a product, so in that case search the net for any possible feedback offered by people. You could and should be able to use the testimonials on the main product page, but be sure to ask for permission before doing that. As you know, this is all about social proof, and even in this cynical age people still respond to it. It is just not worth the potential hassle you may incur if you publish fake testimonials, so hopefully you have good common sense. But you have to remember that your presell copy is not sales copy, so be careful how you use these methods.

Try to secure trusted information and data, and something from the government is always good, and you can even provide a link to the page where it exists on the government site. So do not forget to do this, and honestly we do not see a lot of people using this somewhat unique approach in their preselling. One important thing is to put some tracking script in place, and maybe test with and without the methods we described above. You can improve your conversions with strong preselling that is written correctly, so learn more about it if you want better results in your business.

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